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The Three Visits


The Three Visits

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your property! While we typically visit our upcoming listings many times during the pre-marketing stage, three of those visits have very specific purposes.

Our first visit together, especially if we have not met before, is more of an opportunity to meet, get to know each other, ask and answer questions, discuss needs and wants, and for us to have a chance to see your home and shoot pictures for our memory, in order to take notes of the aspects of it that we would want to consider for our preliminary market analysis as well as discussing strategies and recommendations prior to launching onto the market. In addition to learning valuable information about you and your property, we will come prepared with a list of topics that we will want to cover as well

If we’ve worked together before, this will be a combination of the first and second visits, more of a strategic planning meeting. We’ve prepared a page called “Things You Can Gather” that you may wish to look at in advance of the meeting.

The second important visit usually occurs after our client chooses to work with us and we have formally committed to each other. It is a more detailed strategic meeting, where we take a more fine-toothed approach to planning out the upcoming actions prior to our placing your property on the market.

The third important meeting (amongst all the others) at the property is the pre-launch visit, at which time all of the preparations have been completed and it is almost ready to be photographed. It is after this meeting that we conduct our final market analysis meeting with our client, now that the property is at its zenith of preparedness. 

Normally, there are any number of other visits at various times during the preparation stage to meet contractors or stagers, and stay on top of the progress, if there are projects to be completed, but these three visits are the pivotal meetings. 

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