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Whether you end up working with us or someone else, there are a number of items that we recommend sellers be thinking about pulling together that will be helpful and useful before and during the time you are on market. We encourage you to look over the topics below and begin gathering information, documents, keys, and other items, that will be supportive to bringing your property to its highest possible level of presentation, once your listing is "launched" on to the market. If you are already clear that you are working with us, you can bypass this page and go directly to our question form, that sends us directly your answers to process for preparing to bring you to market!

Over our many years of helping hundreds of sellers prepare for coming to market, we've realized that it's far more helpful to bring those up sooner than later. Here's a list of items to
consider gathering together:

Keys: 2 sets, one for your NWMLS keybox and one for the backup contractor keybox. Make sure they work, as well, you don’t want the first impression of a home to be marred by an agent unable to open the door!
Bills: Buyers often are interested in heating costs, etc., so it's usually (but not always... let's talk!) a wise idea to
have those ready.
Updates, upgrades, repairs, etc: Look backwards over your ownership and try to put together a list of things you've done to the property, from aesthetic and cosmetic improvements to repairs to large additions. You can view
some templates here of how others have put their lists together. You’re also welcome to use our existing blank
template pages to draft your own.
Past appraisals (the square footage measurements can help)
Oil tank decommissioning statements or PLIA, if currently in place
Architect plans if any,
Title reports or surveys, easements,
Engineers’ reports,
Pest remediation work
Updated plumbing, sewer work? How much?
Updated wiring? How much?
Heating, cooling, furnace, hot water tank updates/upgrades (this may be a good time to have your furnace or
boiler serviced?)
Updated windows?
Special assessments,
Sewer capacity charges,
Examples of low billing due to insulation or photoelectric cells,
Home entertainment systems, built in electronics, network information,
Pix of flowers, other beautiful pictures season-sensitive.
Thing about included items, excluded items.
Last exterior paint job:
Last interior paint job:
Custom colors? Designer colors?
Floors: Refinished/when? Carpets/when?
Bathroom remodeling? Kitchen remodeling?
Garage condition?
Intangible neighborhood strengths?
Did you have a structural inspection when you purchased?
Do you remember who did it? (You’ll be asked this on the Seller Disclosure Form)
Did you compete when you purchased? Did you have any closing costs paid by the seller?


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