Our Usual Buyer Intake Process:


When we first begin working with a buyer, we have a series of modules we invite you to partake of, to help you become more competitive and confident in your process. Here’s a general overview of those services we provide:


In person/ and/or online meeting: Meet and greet


In person/online meeting: review market conditions, create initial search, HomeSpotter


In field: View one property, talk about how to look at homes


In person/online meeting: Mock Offer; review main body of contract


Introduction to electronic signatures


In person/online meeting: Commit/sign representation agreement


Invite to Slack


Provide lender recommendations, review pre-approval


Online meeting: Fine-tune search parameters


See houses!


Online meeting: Mock Offer; main body of contract review, addenda, SearchAssist


Provide inspector, scoper, oil tank decomm recommendations


Review each possible house, look for issues before showing


If moving forward on a property, move on to “Offer-Prep Checklist”