Buyers: Our Commitment To You



Our mission statement as your Buyer Representatives:

Provide Excess Value: Our entire system of hundreds of prescribed activities and actions on behalf of our buyers is designed to provide value significantly in excess of the majority of other agents’ services. While we are paid the same per transaction as the majority of the industry, we purposefully strive to provide a level of service and results that exceed the actual dollar amount that we are compensated for our services.

Effectively Educate: We bring decades of advocacy-based educational guidance to our clients in the form of Personal Communications, Client Assistance Letters, Videos, Online Consultations and Private Online Transaction Directories, all of which are designed to elevate the level of our clients’ understanding of the process of buying and selling real estate. We believe that we provide the highest level of education in the industry.

Dutifully Support: Our counsel is intended, first and foremost, to support our purchasing clients in their pursuit of appropriate housing, tempered by our commitment to protect our clients from dangerous properties and risky decisions. Every action, every communication and every negotiation on their behalf is with this as our overarching goal.

Counsel: We provide advocacy-based counsel to our buyers, even when advising them to NOT purchase a particular property.  Our clients’ financial security is more important than our commission.

Advocate: We strategically and aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients whether in negotiations with brokers,  discussions with lenders, or contractual arrangements with contractors.

Negotiate: We purposefully bring our negotiation skills and talents to every client’s situation with their success in mind.

Position: We strategize with our clients prior to any negotiation or presentation session to best “position” our clients in order to achieve their optimal goal.

Protect: We strive to protect our purchasing clients from buying property that may prove to be financially unsound or even threatening in terms of long term ownership. We also strive to protect our clients from entering into threatening contractual positions (within the limitations of legal latitude. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice, by law.).

Fulfill: We act dutifully in the pursuit of fulfilling our client’s goals through the successful performance of our contract for services.

Perform With Ethics: We subscribe to a standard of ethics and perform our professional activities at a level higher than those detailed in the Realtor’s Code Of Ethics as well as NWMLS Code Of Conduct. We strive to operate on a level that is unquestionably in our clients’ best interests while operating within the law and both aforementioned Codes.

Long Term Protection Of Your Asset: We make ourselves available to our clients after closing on their new property in order to provide counsel and advice regarding ownership, maintenance, enhancement and protection of their properties. We encourage our clients to reach out to us for opinions, advice, referrals and strategies at any time.

Written Contracts/Commitment: We provide our services and commitment to those who are, in return, willing to commit to us and the real estate process. We do not work with those who are not willing to commit to either us and/or the process and thus we do not squander time and resources that we could be devoting to our committed clients. Our commitments to each other are in writing and spelled out to avoid ambiguity. This letter is our commitment to our clients. 

Continuing Education/Designations: We continue to pursue high-level professional education regarding all areas of our practice. We maintain professional designations that require continuing, focused education in those particular fields: ABR, CRS, CNE, Managing Broker, SRES, ePro. 

Request Feedback: Upon completion of our services, we request our clients provide us with honest and frank critiquing of our services for our continued improvement. 

Request Recommendations/Referrals: We ask that our clients be willing to provide statements of recommendation when earned, as well as remembering us to friends and family in order to assist us in continuing the life and success of our practice. 

Our Commitment To You:

In addition to the minimum requirements of agency as described in TLOREA, and The Realtor Code Of Ethics, we commit, as your contracted Real Estate Brokers, to provide/accomplish you with the following:


We strive to listen closely to you in discussions, in order to understand your particular sets of needs, wants and requirements pertaining to the type of property and location you desire and furthermore, we will utilize that knowledge by establishing appropriate search parameters that will identify properties in the marketplace that would fall into your desired parameters.

Respect Your Time:

We will be conscientious of your time, as well as utilize time-saving technologies for communications and documentation, to minimize the impact on your calendar.


We will provide advocacy-based counsel, not sales-based closing techniques.

We will not practice Dual Agency. 

We will not represent competing purchasers. We have a “First to sign, first to represent” policy.  

We will maintain confidentiality and discretion at all times.


We will provide and make available to you:

Your own personal and private Client Access Folder 

Mock Offer consultation

Pre-search market analysis/clear the market

Oil tank counsel

Prepare you for competitiveness

Guidance on using Slack, NWMLS Portal, Google Drive, and HomeSpotter, as needed


Provide a private, direct portal to NWMLS search

Show homes within one day of listing (buyer must be available)

Provide market updates

Pre-Offer Preparation/Inspections/Due Diligence:

Extensive pre-offer preparation, education and support, due diligence

Specific property/neighborhood market analysis

Listing agent analysis

Seller analysis

Form 17 counsel

King county tax records access on target properties

Steep slope/ECA information on target properties

Provide excellent structural inspector referrals, sewer scope referrals, soils engineer referrals

Setting up inspections for quickest review

Inspection attendance

Structural inspection counsel/provide post-inspection advocacy-based counsel and negotiation

Provide extensive neighborhood review as well as our proprietary “SerachAssist” webpage.

Assistance in neighborhood review

Provide school and neighborhood counsel

Title counsel/access to title officer for questions regarding title

Attempt to present your offer in person, subject to listing broker/seller approval

Aggressively negotiate on your behalf


Diligent transaction/escrow process management

Provide copies of all documents signed

Provide timeline accounting, before and after completion of items

Appraisal support

Escrow counsel

Settlement statement review

Strict adherence to contract timelines

Accounting for earnest money

Lending updates

Closing And After: 

Regular periodical scheduled local neighborhood market analysis after closing

Ongoing counsel, advice, support, referrals/recommendations for enhancement, appreciation and protection of your asset.

Your Commitment To Us:

Please respect our time, just as we will endeavor to respect yours. The chaotic nature of real estate requires that we be available to work more days and hours (especially evenings) than those in many professions. We ask that our clients inform us as to vacation schedules, with advance notice to the degree you can. We also ask that our evenings and time-off be reserved for more urgent and time-sensitive communications. We’ll be using superb communications tools, so our access will be direct. 

Please make time for the “Mock Offer, even if you have purchased property in the last few years, there have been numerous changes to the conditions in the contracts and addenda. Plus, we find that there are topics that are raised during the module that are best addressed in advance of writing an offer on a property.  If you feel that you cannot make time for this important discussion, we may not be a fit.

Please make yourself available for NWMLS search parameter adjustment conversations. 

Keep us informed as to your interest level in any promising properties, so we are not caught off guard, and thus not up to speed. It takes a number of proactive preparatory actions to properly position our buyers for writing offers, whether in a buyer’s or seller’s market. In our opinion, few things are worse than a last-minute call from a purchaser-client who perhaps saw a desirable property a week prior, but only let us know that they are wanting to write an offer on the day that we may be out of area, or worse, the day that that property is taking offers. The good news is that Slack is a great tool for a very high level of communication. 

Inform us of the lack of interest in the above, conversely, so we are not on hold when really not needed. Standing on guard, with all plans canceled, when a client is simply not interested in a property can be frustrating. Don’t worry, we’re not going to beat you up over this, we just want you to try to keep this in mind. 🙂

Please be willing to use NWMLS Portal, HomeSpotter, Slack and Google Drive.  These are great tools for working as a team. Yes, we know that there are some shiny, happy real estate sites out there that look cool on your mobile device and that you may like Dropbox over GDrive, or maybe you’re a bit timid, but we’ll walk you through these. 

Do not alter your financial position or credit via large purchases (cars!), delinquencies, etc. This kind of action can threaten your purchasing ability at least and can put your earnest money at risk, at worst. We don’t want to see you pull up to your structural inspection in a brand new Tesla, do we?

Do not change lenders during your transaction without talking with us first, as you may threaten your earnest money and be considered in breach of contract. 

Speak frankly with us about changes in your needs, motivations, etc.  We can take the news, as long as we can hear it.

Be available, within reason, for negotiation discussions, due diligence work, inspections, etc.

Be reasonable about market conditions and be prepared to operate appropriately in whatever market exists. When it’s a Seller’s market, Buyer’s Market playbook techniques are a waste of time. We’ll never throw you over the cliff, but we’ve got to be cognizant of what really is happening. We occasionally will interview with someone who’s upset that agents won’t write low offers in multiple-offer situations. Our advice to them is to update their operating system. That may sound harsh, but not telling the truth is worse. 

Confidentiality: Our system is the result of almost 100 combined years of work and practice. We ask that you not share our materials with anyone else, either the public or other brokers. We recognize that you may have a friend just getting started in real estate (who doesn’t, these days?) whom you think might benefit from seeing system, but we request that you allow them to develop their own system.

Recognize that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns despite the shiny happy websites that most agents post on the web attempting to attract clients and customers. We try to have as much fun and laughter as possible, but there are times when it’s very serious business and we will be taking it very seriously. 

Please provide us with frank and honest critique after working together, to help us to improve our services (in the hopes that we will be assisting someone close to you in the future!).

Please, please, please, provide us with recommendations, assuming they are earned!. We will respectfully and tactfully ask if you would be willing to speak about our merits on LinkedIn, Yelp and/or Facebook, upon completion of our services and ask that you would authorize us to use those comments in our materials in the future. 

And finally, with many “Please”s, remember us favorably to your friends and family as potential representatives, assuming earned, so that our practice may continue to survive and be successful!

That’s it! That’s our commitment to you above and beyond the Buyer Representation contract and our request for your commitment to us. We’re happy to discuss any of these and do know that as we continue to encounter new situations, we continue to evolve, revise and add new items to our services on behalf of our clients. We hope you recognize that almost no other agents (1) provide such an accounting of their services, (2) declare a commitment to live up to them, and (3) have taken the time to quantify what it is that they do, so that they have a working road map of items to complete on behalf of their clients. If you really want to know what our actual checklist looks like for seeing a purchasing client through from start to finish, click here. 

The fine print: We recognize that not all clients have a desire, wish or sometimes the ability to actually participate in the above activities. We will make every effort to provide counsel on the above topics, including videos to many of the topics.  But a client’s failure to take advantage of our promised commitment to them and any information made available to them does not invalidate our performance of our aforementioned commitments.