How We Use Slack To Improve Communications

In our never-ending search to improve the channels of communications between our clients and ourselves, we have come across a great deal of sort-of-interesting apps and tools. Yes, text has its merits, and yes, email also has its strengths, but when we're in the heat of the battle and needing to communicate and exchange data and documents quickly and transparently amongst multiple people (our team of Bruce, Mark, and Will, to and from our clients), those standard tools have some serious weaknesses. We’ve been absolutely blown away, however, with the results of using the massively popular business communications tool “Slack”, to say the least. Our clients have the ability to rise to the top of the comm-stack on our devices and with its multi-device platforms while being able to interface from any system, smartphone, desktop or laptop. 

Designed originally for open, transparent team communications, we’ve chosen to use it as a discreet, private communication channel between our individual client and ourselves, providing a blindingly quick communications bridge for text, calendaring, online meetings, documents, URLs, JPEGs, and more. 

Cooler still, our clients pay nothing, we set up the private channel, all they do is accept an invite into their channel and away we go. Once we’re done and closed, we shut it down, but by that time, they likely have signed up and are using Slack for the own family and/or business. 

It’s that good. We set up a private team channel for you and us, send you the invite and we are planing on the surface! Remember, there’s nothing for you to do, we’ll take care of all of it. Nothing to pay, nothing to remember. All you have to do is download the app to both your portable device and your desktop/laptop.

Here’s a quote from one of our more time-sensitive clients: "Slack makes it super easy to stay in contact with Bruce and Mark.  We can quickly and easily share listings, feedback, Bruce's interactive videos and other helpful content with each other all from an easy to use interface."

Whether you're one of our clients as a buyer or a seller, we highly recommend embracing this easy-to-use, no-cost app, that will change the way we communicate with each other. Here's PC Magazine's review, holding it in 1st Place for communications.   (The article mentions price; you don't pay anything, we maintain a business account with Slack, allowing us to create individual, secure channels with our respective clients).