It's likely that you're reading this before we've actually gone to look at houses together. After now doing literally thousands of showings to our clients, here's a short list of things you might want to consider in preparing to do our first set of visits/showings.

  1. Wear comfy shoes, that can be slipped on and off. Many listings ask us to remove shoes upon entering. We just do it by habit, now.
  2. Be aware that some homes now have recording devices (even though they're not supposed to), so we'll be guarded about comments while in the house.
  3. As we approach the structures, we'll be pointing out what we can see regarding roofing, siding, windows, chimineys, paint, etc., i.e., to help take in all aspects of the property.
  4. As we enter, we'll often gravitate to the basement first, to check out the systems, structure, and foundations, to get a feel of that first. The aesthetics will still be there.
  5. If you're in a house that you're clear doesn't work, let's identify those issues and call it quits. You're not required to spend a lot of time in a home that doesn't resonate with you!
  6. As we're heading to the next house, we'll want to hear about what you liked, what you didn't like, from the floor plan, to the siting, to the street, the style, the square footage, etc.


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