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This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 1/27/2020 – 3rd Week Numbers

  NA (New Actives) total at lowest point in a year. NA weekly declining after a surge from Wed-Fri. PI (Pending Inspection) weekly on rise after week of declines. PI totals on rise. P (Pendings) totals on rise, P weekly has been declining. 6-day P/PI total holding between 110-120, weekly in mid 30 range. P/PI […]

This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 2nd Week Numbers Are In!

Here we are at the end of week 2 of January 2020! Our daily statistics tracker shows new listings surged by the 10th and then dropping down again in volume, while total pendings are almost matching actives at 98%. (https://tinyurl.com/BPStatisticsDaily). What’s really amazing is that there is a 44% ratio of 6-day pendings to current […]



Here at BRA we take great pride in our award winning Architecture program. We have educated students that become masters of this art form and have delivered some of the greatest architects in the world. Some of the most awarded buildings out there are made by BRA graduates.

The program builds upon the old masters of architecture and gives the students visual and mathematical skills to conquer the world. For most students, this course will be a huge challenge, for the right students, it will be their dream come true.