Fiduciary Real Estate Support Services - FRESS

What We Do: We use our decades of experience and specifically designed real estate processes to assist attorneys and fiduciaries in maximizing profits from the real estate marketplace on behalf of their clients. We analyze the market place, provide reliable price recommendations, and if so desired, provide guidance and assistance of listing preparations to produce the highest financial yield.

How we help you:  We provide you, the representative of your client, with time-saving and credible market data, price opinions, pre-listing preparation guidance, proven marketing system, fierce advocacy and negotiation strategies, and finally, excellent transaction management to closing. Our time-proven process helps to minimize your time involvement in assisting your client while divesting residential real estate property, as well as providing you with credible accounting of procedures, in case of a need to defend your proof of representation. Our counsel is held in high esteem by those attorneys and fiduciaries we work with. 

Our price opinions: Our market analyses are second to none at providing confident and thorough market assessment, designed to (1) most accurately reflect true purchasing market value, (2) provide proof to existing beneficiaries that the chosen brokers are sincerely attempting to achieve the highest possible market value, (3) provide confidence to our executors, guardians and fiduciaries that we have the clients’ interests highest in mind and finally, (4) in the event that court approval may be necessary, that the documentation and accounting for listing, from first market analysis, through the steps of condition assessment, marketing exposure, offer presentation, vetting, and negotiations, and finally closing transaction management, all showing that the client’s interests were thoroughly represented and advocated for.

About our team of service providers: We’ve been blessed to meet and cultivate trusting relationships with excellent service providers who help the process of bringing a property to the market place. Caring, conscientious professionals, who specialize in different aspects of clearing out hoarding homes, managing estate sales, consignment, yard and landscape work, as well as general contractors to do anything from sprucing up a property to full-on reclamation, all in order to maximize the size of the purchasing audience that will view and consider a property for purchase. 


"I have used Bruce and Donna to sell several estate and trust properties for me in my role as fiduciary. Their service and expertise is exceptional. They really listen and understand what the specific issues are on each transaction and then structure a plan to maximum the return to the beneficiaries. I have been highly impressed by everything they have done for my clients and would highly recommend them."  Jeff Wilson, Jeff Wilson PS

“We have been working with Bruce Phares with Windermere Real Estate for approximately eight years. As a professional fiduciary company, we engage in frequent sales of real estate and have worked with all manner of professionals in this area. As an attorney for almost 30 years, I'm very familiar with the process of selling real estate and the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of the real estate brokerage business. Mr. Phares has handled many different properties for us, from very high-end residences to those that required clean-out and tear down. In all instances, we have found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive. Our duty is to protect our clients' best interests, and we have always been able to rely upon Mr. Phares to support us in the fulfillment of our fiduciary obligations. We are happy to recommend their services." Mark Vohr, Principal - Ohana Fiduciary

"In my 20 years of professional fiduciary service, I worked with numerous real estate agents for the marketing and sale of real property owned by our elderly and disabled clients. One day almost 10 years ago, when the real estate market was floundering, a client's son requested that we use the Bruce Phares and Donna Bertolino team, which we did with most impressive results. Not only was the sale price good, but Bruce and Donna were wonderful to work with. As we worked with them over time (and later with Mark Besta as well), it became clear that their service was a valuable contribution to our efforts to do the best job we could for our clients. From their astute analysis of each property's condition, to development of cost-effective means of preparing the property for market, and determination of the best market price, to dedicated attention to marketing the property, through expert negotiation of a mutually accepted purchase and sale agreement and attentive monitoring of the closing process, Bruce and team have time and again demonstrated stellar wisdom, knowledge, skill and commitment in all aspects of the process. Although I have retired, my firm relies on them still for the best possible service to our clients." Lynne Fulp, Founder - Ohana Fiduciary