It's the day of closing for your sale!

Closing Check Being Handed Over

There will be a number of points throughout the day that we’ll be posted as to the progress of the closing, and we’ll endeavor to keep you in the loop. We’ll be watching for notices that: 

1 Buyer’s funds have been released by lender (if using a mortgage to purchase).

2 Escrow is in receipt of all funds.

3 Documents have been sent to county for recording.

4 Confirmation of recording, via recording numbers of the Statutory Warranty Deed and the Deed Of Trust, if buyer is using a mortgage to purchase. 

Once the deed has been recorded and escrow has funds available, you’re formally closed!

We routinely expect closing to take place in the afternoon, especially if there is a lender involved, and if it’s a busy day at the county, it could be well into the late afternoon or very early evening before we received the actual recording numbers confirmation, but there are exceptions, where it closes in the late morning zone.

Day Of Closing Seller

We'll keep in touch throughout the day!

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