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In review after review, poll after poll, survey after survey, conducted for years by The National Association Of Realtors and other industry-related entities, in all of those surveys, the NUMBER ONE area of service that previous clients, consumer, customers, escrow companies, title companies, attorneys, and more complained about, was:  Poor Communications.


​​We don’t want that to happen to us. Here’s how we strive to maximize our communications with our clients:


  1. Slack. Our number one tool for communications with our clients. No cost to you, and just load the app to your desktop and smartphone. Many of our clients go on to use Slack in their own lives, with family, small businesses, groups, organizations, education, etc. It’s that good.
  2. Text. We’ve got it. We get it. We use it!
  3. Email. Email gets us through the interview process, but once you’re on board, we move most communications over to Slack. We link your Slack and email channels together, so that you can see what’s up from anywhere. We all three receive email sent to “Team@BruceandDonna.com”, so we all know what’s up, when, and where.
  4. Phone: One of us is always available, within reason (unless, we’re working on negotiations!) 
  5. Online meetings. We LOVE online meetings. Getting up to speed, we use Whereby.com. No cost to you, no bloat-ware to download. And, once you're on deck, we use Slack’s internal online meeting tool. It’s awesome. 
  6. MLS Portals. We set you up so that any relevant new listings coming into your search area ping us all, so we don’t miss a thing. 
  7. Homespotter/Homesnap. Super cool app, allows you to be anywhere, pointing your smartphone at any listing, get instant info, and ping us with any questions.


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