The Buyer Client Access Folders

What this is...

Our mission statement has always included the words "Advocacy, strategy, negotiation, positioning, representation, education and loyalty". This set of folders is a tool to (1) assist us in providing those values to you, our client, (2) to provide you with a platform to involve yourself in the process to whatever degree you desire, and (3) to give you evidence of how we conduct our process and system of representation.


Designed to move efficiently through the process of effectively searching for and acquiring property,  the order of folders essentially follows (and leads) a typical flow of topics, documents, and actions. Originally created to provide our buyers with a cloud-based repository where we could provide important documents, such as inspections, research, and purchase and sale agreements, it has evolved to provide our clients with real and substantive insight, instructional and actual tools that are used during the process of purchasing a home, from initial disclosures and research, to preparations, education, contracts and closing of the sale. You’ll see that this is not a bunch of plagiarized fluff designed to create an illusion of substance. This is the real deal, truly excellent advocacy, education and strategic guidance, born out of our desire to provide the highest level of representation available. 

If you are merely interviewing with us, this will be your first proof that we strive to provide our clients with an exemplary level of accountability and clarity, helping them to be the most results-producing buyers on market. If you've worked with us before, you know our commitment to making you the best. To the degree you wish to, we encourage you to browse through the directories where we've included introductory letters explaining the purpose of each folder. If you've never bought a home before, these will be of assistance in understanding the procedural flow of a typical process. If you are experienced with the process, you'll recognize the topics and order of flow. You certainly aren't required to dig into these, they are here for you to use at your discretion. 

What you’ll find inside...

With that said, here’s an overview as to what you will find in these directories: It begins with a brief background on ourselves and how we practice representation. Then comes the mandatory “Law Of Real Estate Agency”, a state-required disclosure describing our duties and obligations as agents. We then provide assistance in working with electronic signatures. Next up are folders on lending, using Slack, the “Mock Offer”, using the NWMLS Portal, typical timelines, steps you can take to more intelligently manage your search for property, how we will research various aspects, examples of clerical documents, information on structural inspections, an example of the current purchase and sale contract that we will use to write offers for you, assistance and examples on writing an effective “Buyer’s Love Letter” for your offer (if appropriate), negotiations, due diligence research, and the pending to closing process with information about the appraisal, escrow and closing processes with examples to assist you in knowing in advance what to likely expect. We’ve read that one of the chief complaints by both buyers and sellers regarding brokers at large is poor-to-mediocre communication with their clients and essentially nothing explained about the steps and processes that are required throughout the home sale or purchase process. You’ll not have those problems when working with us and you'll definitely not see any other brokers using such a thorough and thought-out process.

In closing...

We’re not for everyone. No broker can be. We look for those who resonate with a hands-on commitment to excellent results on behalf of our clients. Whether a CEO of a startup or a Boeing rivet-driver, we bring our beyond-full-service approach to bear with every client. If you resonate with that approach, we’re honored to represent you. If not, we sincerely hope we’ve raised your level of understanding of the process and wish you the best of results in the market place!

Cheers for now,

Bruce, Mark, and Will


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