Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – March 1st Week: Seller’s Market Numbers Remain Strong 3/10/2020: This week NA’s (new actives) had a high for the year, in 1 day and weekly, cresting 200 for the second time since the beginning of the year, but retreated quickly by 20% to 168. PI (pending inspection) weekly and totals holding around 30 and 50. P’s (Pendings) weekly and totals crested at 135 […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – February’s 4th Week Numbers: Seller’s Market Numbers Return 2/24/2020: Newly Actives (NA) once again reached highest one-day, week, and total numbers. Pending Inspections (PI) stayed strong, while Pendings’s also hit highest 1-day, weekly, and total numbers. 6-day P/PI’s hit highest levels as well, topping 60% of all weekly P/PIs, and hovering around 50% of weekly NA’s. NWMLS Market Watch shows New Pending to […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – February’s 3rd Week Numbers: Inventory Surged, Slight Relief From Hot Seller’s Market Some new inventory dropped on market this last week providing some relief to what had turned into a hot Seller’s Market! Newly Actives (NA) had highest numbers since 1st of year, but not busting through 400 total yet. Pending Inspection (PI’s) calmed a bit after a year-high surge the previous week. Pendings (P’s) 7 day […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 2020 February 2nd Week Numbers: Seller’s Market! Here’s the scoop on mid-February 2020’s numbers! It’s clearly a Seller’s Market at this point, with 6-day Pendings and Pending-Inspections holding above 50% of New Actives (see the white portion of the graph: tinyurl.com/BPStatisticsDaily.  New Active total and weekly are diminishing. Pending Inspection holding. Pendings Strong. 6-day Pendings/Pending-Inspections are very strong. P/PI total strong, at […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate 2/11/2020 – Where Are The 0-6 Day Listings Located? We just finished the first week of February 2020! New Actives (NA’s) finally began to pick up in numbers, weekly count surged for the first time above 140, then receded, total count crested 350 as well. Pending Inspections (PI’s) are beginning a rally, Pendings holding at 70~ weekly and 350~ total. Weekly 6-day P/PI’s holding […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 2020 1st Month’s Numbers Are In! Here’s the scoop on January 2020’s numbers ! New Active (NA) listings weekly rose to 10, total up to 109. Pending Inspection (PI) listings holding above 30, total slight receding. Pendings (P) holding just above 60, total holding just below 330. 6-day weekly rising to 47, total hovering upper 130’s. Daily P/PI rising, weekly slightly […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 1/27/2020 – 3rd Week Numbers   NA (New Actives) total at lowest point in a year. NA weekly declining after a surge from Wed-Fri. PI (Pending Inspection) weekly on rise after week of declines. PI totals on rise. P (Pendings) totals on rise, P weekly has been declining. 6-day P/PI total holding between 110-120, weekly in mid 30 range. P/PI […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 2nd Week Numbers Are In! Here we are at the end of week 2 of January 2020! Our daily statistics tracker shows new listings surged by the 10th and then dropping down again in volume, while total pendings are almost matching actives at 98%. (https://tinyurl.com/BPStatisticsDaily). What’s really amazing is that there is a 44% ratio of 6-day pendings to current […]
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Uncategorized With Thanks To All Of You! What a year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! With 2019 firmly in the rear-view mirror and 2020 unfolding at our feet, we wanted to reach out and express our gratitude for the trust that so many of you have placed in us this last year to represent you, your family, your friends, and your […]
Uncategorized 2019 Year In Review – 2020 Inventory/Pending Predictions   Here’s our review of the highs and lows and trends of this last year’s in-city real estate market, along with our predictions for the first 4 months activity in what is now 2020! Here are the highs and lows for last year, which can be seen on our daily statistics sheet: http://tinyurl.com/BPStatisticsDaily Least Listings […]
Uncategorized First of the year 2020: When does the market pick back up?     The biggest question that our active and upcoming clients ask around this time, is when does the market shift back into gear? For our buyers, we want to know when to expect a surge of inventory as well as understand if there’s a lull in the market that would be favorable for them. […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – Thanksgiving Week 2019 Thanksgiving Week! Newly Actives dropped radically, as expected, to half of new inventory in June and July, with Pending Inspections and Pendings following suit. The ratio of NA’s dropping is greater than the P/PI’s ratio, indicating that demand continues to be higher than inventory, but not as incendiary. 6-day P/PI’s also declined, landing just under […]
Uncategorized Zinsco and Stab-Lok Electrical Panels – Catastrophe In A Box Here’s an all-too-recurring tragedy, due to failed electrical panel: In the last two weeks during pre-listing inspections of homes we are bringing to market next year, I’ve personally come across these two panels:           According to the Electrical Safety Foundation: Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate: Licton Springs Historical Site – 11/4/2019 For our focus this week, I’m highlighting the Licton Springs historical site and a series of posts regarding its 1st Nations significance as well as newly designated status as a landmark site.  I was doing research for a client on the nature of streams and wetlands in the north section of our city when I […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 10/20/2019 – Is It Better To Wait For Spring To List?? This week on a special edition of TWISRE, we’re going to attempt to shoot holes in the old adage “It’s better to wait until Spring, to list your home!”, and see if the statistics for sales prices, market time, and sale-price to list-price ratios support that well-worn chestnut.  If you, or someone you know, is […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 10/6/2019 – Does Inventory Really Have A Corollary Effect On Home Pricing? This week we take a look at the trending in inventory and pricing since the market rebound of early 2014, to explore whether inventory ups and downs actually show a direct effect on price fluctuations. It may not be what you think! The webpage of graphics can be seen here: https://tinyurl.com/BPBlogInventoryToPricing102019
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 9/30/19 – Which Neighborhoods Have The Quickest Sales? 9/29/2019: This last week total Newly Actives (NA’s) coming onto the market dropped a bit, total amount of Pending Inspections (PI’s) surged, total amount of existing Pendings also jumped up a bit and the total amount of existing 6-day P/PI’s (properties that went into contract within 6 days of listing date) surged as well. Interestingly, […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 9/9/2019 – Post Labor Day Actives Surge 9/9/2019: Last week was post-Labor Day, with a predictable surge in Newly Actives (NA’s), which settled down over the weekend, but expecting another surge this coming week. A slight surge in 6-day P/PI’s, bumping back up to 23% of all P/PI’s. Total P/PI to NA ratio is also beginning to rise, currently at 58%. MLS […]
Uncategorized Market Analysis 9/2019 – Overall Seattle, Market Trends North Of Canal/Montlake Cut, Ballard Area, 3 Bedroom Ballard Specific Seattle’s in-city single-family valuations have been fluctuating wildly in the last 6 months. If you’re an agent working on market analyses, it’s a bit like the 5 blind men touching the elephant: Depending on what portion of town you’re focusing on, you’ve got prices going up, prices going down, market times increasing, market times decreasing, […]
Uncategorized This Week In Seattle Real Estate – 9/2/2019 – Labor Day Week Review