About Team Bruce and Donna

BruceandDonna.com’s origin is the result of the joining of Bruce Phares and Donna Bertolino’s separate real estate practices in early 1991. Within a short time after combining their systems and styles, which were already complementary, they were chosen to represent a number of law associates at two of the largest law firms in Seattle, which set the mold for their representation model: “The Client’s Interests First. Always.” 


Bruce Phares has been practicing real estate since 1987 in Seattle. After joining real estate practices (and personal lives!) in 1994 with Donna Bertolino, the two soon became known as “The Attorneys Advocates”, as the majority of their clients during the first 10 years of their combined practice were comprised of lawyers from several of the major law firms in downtown Seattle. As their practice grew, their reputation for fierce and creative representation for their clients was firmly established amongst the professional real estate landscape.






Mark Besta has been practicing real estate since 1999 with Windermere Real Estate. He’s recognized in the industry for his deep understanding of contract law as well as having an extraordinary organizational skill set. Windermere observed his strengths early on in his association with them and recruited him to serve as an assistant manager for the Eastlake office, providing counsel and strategic guidance for a large number of brokers who work there. His personal communication skills are of the highest level, no doubt partly influenced by his university-level studies, earning a Doctorate in Psycho-Social Behavioral Psychology.






Will Huston brings to the mix an awesome repertoire of marketing, technology, and communications skills and experience, that is a perfect fit for the team. Besides graduating Summa Cum Laude from The University Of Vermont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Communications and Applied Economics, his uncontained enthusiasm and devotion to excellence raise the bar for all of us on the team!




Donna Bertolino serves in an advisory capacity to Bruce, Mark and Will. Having practiced real estate since 1974, she has now retired her license and serves as counsel for Bruce, Mark, and Will, as well as focusing her attention on helping team Bruce and Donna run smoothly. Her strategic and organization skills are legendary among many of Seattle’s legal and real estate communities.




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