This Week In Seattle Real Estate 4/15/2020 Pre/Post Covid Highs & Lows Compared To 4/2019

Today we’re going to look at this last week’s numbers:

Today we’re looking at highs and lows since beginning of year: NA daily surged last Friday, from 10s to 33, weekly PCH of 124, up from low of 67 on 4th. Total actives just above 500, both YH and PCH, up from 67 at PC low. PI: Daily PCH 2 days ago, 11, up from 0-5s. Weekly and Total both PCH, 39 to 18 and 49 to 29, roughly double the low. P’s daily PCH @8, Weekly above 50, PCH, Totals PCL. 6DOM: Daily and Wkly @ PCH; 9&41, Total just hit PCL. P/PI Totals all at PCH, wkly double since PCL. Ratios: P/PI to NA Total PCH@90%. 6DOM toNA Wkly bottomed 4 days ago at 24%, but headed back up. NWMLS Mkt Watch had PCH 89, up from PCL of 60 last week. NP at PCH, NP to NA@PCH of 124%, after PCL of 108% 2 weeks ago.

(Key: PCH=Post Covid High. PCL=Post Covid Low. NA=New Active. PI=Pending Inspection. P=Pending. 6DOM= 6-day or less off-market. SIP=Shelter In Place, PSIP= Post Shelter In Place {If you’d like to see our explanation of how the statistics graph page works, click here:})

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That’s it for now, we hope you will continue to stay safe, stay healthy!

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