This Week In Seattle Real Estate – Does Anybody REALLY Know What Time (Price!) It Is?!?

I regularly perform 2-3 price evaluations (CMAs) in a week on properties, for clients, attorneys, estates, etc. They’re rarely easy to do, if you want to be accurate, and in the end, there needs to be an understanding that the fluidity of the market that is inherent, due to fluctuations of listing inventory, amount of buyers, and how those buyer value (or down-value) such intangible aspects as views, remodeling, arterials, schools, etc., that fluidity essentially mandates that any estimation of value will have an inherent level of inaccuracy, compared to whatever the final sales price may be. That’s especially true for online valuation tools, designed primarily to “hook” consumers to begin relationships with brokerages.

With apologies to the great band “Chicago”, today’s topic explores how variable the valuation process is, and explains why you need to go deeper than a click or two on a pretty website, to figure out what your property may or may not command from the existing marketplace.

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 7:58 pm
Bruce Phares | Category: Uncategorized

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